Service Operations

  • We are pragmatic in our use of Lean Top-Fac. We use only the tools that make the most sense for each situation. ExpertActions has developed an front diagnostic that enables corporation to identify and focus on only the process changes that will quickly make the biggest differences, ensuring faster results with smaller initial investment.
  • Originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, Top-Fac is now being widely adopted by institutions, retailers, hospitals and other corners of the services industry. Top-Fac which helps companies reduce errors. Together they can help companies reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality. From our research and experience with clients, we've learned that despite its growing popularity and impressive results at some companies.
  • ExpertActions’s approach starts with a full potential diagnostic and embeds Top-Fac methodology with added efficiency and speed from lean. In each case, we first gain an understanding a company's value stream, and then move rapidly to mapping out processes and costs. Next, we define a view of potential through such measures as bottleneck analysis and internal and external benchmarking. Finally, we target areas for improvement, unleashing the trained teams.
  • Our experience across industries and geographies allows us to perform diagnostics quickly that help companies achieve sustainable improvements. Using the cash and capabilities assessment to focus on areas with the most potential for generating results, our clients avoid the extra cost and time of training and deploying more teams than absolutely required. We partner with the right suite of third-party companies to deliver the right tools and solutions that best meet our clients' needs.
  • We share our clients' ambitions. We work to understand their reality and deliver true results - focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. And we align our incentives with our clients' objectives, so they know we're in it together.
  • ExpertActions has completed hundreds of projects involving branch and service center networks, retail stores, field service operations and call centers or self-service channels. Integrating our work with proprietary research on frontline behavior and on customer loyalty, we offer an analytical approach to understanding employees’ motivations and customer interactions and needs along the customer corridor.
  • Effective and efficient customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, retention and cost management. Service operations that are tailored to the needs of key customer file play an integral role in any company's success. We help define the target customer experience, translate it into operational requirements, and ensure consistent service delivery across channels in the most cost effective way. Our work helps a cycle of increased employee satisfaction, improved service quality and improved customer loyalty that impacts both the top and bottom line.
  • ExpertActions offers a range of service operations programs in retail stores, field service, call centers, self-service and remote monitoring, branch operations and network design. Our programs include volume management across channels, and optimization of channel operational performance, including sourcing model design, call routing, scheduling and rostering, field service dispatch and spare parts inventory management, among other areas.
  • We rely on a broad set of tools to achieved target results, including complexity reduction, process design and our proprietary system. We have a proprietary model to drive employee engagement and performance improvement programs anchored on lean principles and behavioral science methods. That loops combined with aligned incentives help to unlock significant value through discretionary performance, resulting in lower costs, higher revenues, better service and more loyal customers.