ExpertActions is one of the world's leading consulting firms for the telecommunications industry. Our clients include the leading global telecom service companies and communications equipment suppliers.

Companies that choose ExpertActions value our role as their trusted adviser. We've completed more projects to help telecommunications companies address the many changes occurring in the industry. Our projects have focused on results-oriented strategies in the following areas:

  • Customer retention and customer segmentation
  • Growth
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation
  • Improving decision effectiveness
  • Complexity reduction
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Pricing policies
  • Supply chain management

ExpertActions helps leading telecommunications companies make strategic decisions about where to play in the future ecosystem, how to benefit from new content delivery models such as over-the-top video and new opportunities to monetize broadband, and how to partner with media and technology players to increase revenue pools.

  • As boundaries between telecommunications, technology and media markets continue to fade, so ExpertActions brings the expertise of its Technology and Media practices to our telecommunications clients.
  • In addition, our Private Equity group has an extensive history in the telecommunications industry.


The traditional core business of telecommunications operators is under pressure. Network service providers can choose to either optimize the traditional access business or search for new sources of revenue. In practice, we witness that often companies pursue a mixture of these two imperatives. Most telecommunication companies will need a game plan for:

  • Hunting for profits amid mounting competition and rising costs.
  • Defending market position with new pricing strategies and excellent customer experience.
  • Riding the data surge and improving capacity expansion.
  • Negotiating a changing landscape with redefined business models.
  • Managing growing complexity—in products, processes and the organization.
  • Anticipating the impact of regulation.
  • We share our clients' ambitions