We help companies achieve their full potential in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within specific areas of performance (point solutions). Our integrated solutions include:

  • Performance Improvement Diagnostic: Change industry boundaries to redefine full potential
  • Cost and Capability Assessment: Quick diagnostic to identify immediate and longer-term opportunities
  • Sustained Cost Transformation: Transform the cost structure across the organization to obtain cost leadership and gain competitive advantage
  • Complexity Management: Effectively manage all elements of complexity to unlock value and turbocharge the organization
  • Working back from the customer to deliver better outcomes with lower cost and higher quality
  • Implement processes and systems to engage the front-line in continuous improvement and learning cycles through high velocity feedback loops
  • Business Process Redesign: Achieve operational excellence at a company's most critical processes to deliver high quality service at a competitive cost
  • Capability Sourcing: Acquire the right capabilities from the right source, and the right shore, at the right price
  • Cash and Capital Management: Create cash visibility and a disciplined capital allocation process

ExpertActions’s holistic and data-driven approach enables clients to achieve leadership in their core business, leverage their core strength to grow into adjacent opportunities, and operate at superior levels of performance to drive industry-leading results.

We start by analyzing what full potential means in practical terms–for a whole company, a business unit or a function. Our first step is to perform a diagnostic and size the opportunity based on hard factual data. Our strategic and cross-functional approach helps clients unlock value beyond cost containment measures within a specific area of the organization.

In fact, in our experience, addressing operating problems at the nodes–the points where business units, functions, geographies, and layers of management intersect and have to make and execute critical decisions–creates between three and four times as much value as traditional approaches to right-sizing and functional excellence. Once we have defined stretched, yet realistic targets with our clients, we work together to craft the most effective path to deliver the value. We follow a "board room to shop-floor" engagement model. We work with teams across all levels of the organization to ensure that our client companies capture the identified benefits, bank the savings, and build the internal capabilities to keep on improving performance long after our engagement ends. Our performance improvement work is at the heart of what we do as a firm, and is part of a continuum of tools for successful delivery of results. These also include customer strategy and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, organization and information technology.

  • INDUSTRIAL GOODS AND SERVICES: Constructing a best-in-class global procurement organization - ExpertActions worked with an industrial company to reap hundreds of millions in procurement savings.
  • PROCUREMENT: Uncovering major savings in procurement - ExpertActions powered a global energy company to find substantial savings with a comprehensive diagnostic and a clearly defined strategy.
  • CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Strategic G&A approach cooks up savings - ExpertActions’s unique end-to-end examination of G&A costs delivered a new strategy and significant savings.
  • CHEMICALS: Optimizing a manufacturer's shop floor - ExpertActions helped Specialty Chemicals Company optimize its major plant without a large investment, creating a repeatable model for improved performance and cost savings across all of its facilities.
  • MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY: Transformational cost reduction for medtech company - A better business model and $300 million in cost savings enabled MedtechCo to invest in rapidly growing emerging markets.
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Transforming a telecommunications giant - TelecomCo implemented a bold, multi-channel strategy to retain customers and increase profits in a redefined industry landscape.